The Agile Coach Credential for Sustainable Agility.

The Registered Agile Coach™ (RAC) credential: an intensive coaching program designed to take you, your team, and your organization to the next level.

Exceed The Job Market’s Expectations & Land the Job

Take Your Agile Career to the Next Level

Industries worldwide are looking for Agile Coach candidates with a proven record of successfully initiating and executing Agile Transformations. To support individuals helping organizations deliver results against their most complex business initiatives, the Agile Education Program introduces the Registered Agile Coach™ (RAC) credential. Launching the RAC credential allows us to support experienced Scrum Masters, Coaches, and Team Leads through the next iteration of their career.


In-Demand Agile Coach Job Openings*

According to Glassdoor, there are 5,000+ Agile Coach or Enterprise Agile Coach jobs available in the United States.


RAC Graduates Indicating This Credential Positively Influenced Their Job Opportunities

According to a recent survey of Registered Agile Coach graduates, 89% indicated a positive influence on job search opportunities.


Average Salary of an Agile Coach in the United States*

According to, the average Agile Coach salary in the United States is $146,264 as of June 28, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $131,490 and $163,531.

Our Formula for Creating a High-Value Agile Coach Program

In-Depth and Results-Oriented

The AEP curriculum is based on the real-world learnings and experiences of Scrum Inc. transformation business. We regularly test, iterate, and continuously improve courses before launching to the public. The Registered Agile Coach program was incubated by Scrum Inc. for three years and our students have gone on to lead Agile Transformations in major organizations. The RAC provides students with actionable material and a real-world practicum to help them deliver immediate, visible business results to stakeholders and clients. It works.

A Peek Inside the Program

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn during the Registered Agile Coach course. Read full learning objectives here.

How to Build Your Own Coaching Style:

Learn the fundamentals of common coaching styles

Recognize the ethical responsibilities of coaching

Identify and avoid common coaching pitfalls

How to Empower High-Performing Agile Teams:

Identify Team & Organizational Dysfunctions that block productivity

Create conditions for high-performing teams and leaders to emerge

How to Have Productive Conversation:

Learn how to use the GROW Model & Powerful Questions to facilitate conversation, at the individual, team, and leadership level

Explore approaches to change management and techniques for effectively embracing change

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Coaching:

Identify metrics to access the impact of coaching

Learn how to continuously improve and evolve coaching style

Do You Have:

At least one (1) year experience working in a Scrum environment, preferably as a Scrum Master or Team Coach, and familiarity with the Scrum@Scale framework

A desire to provide organizations with strategic leadership, mentoring, and coaching of Agile principles and practices

A Scrum Master or Product Owner credential, preferably a RSM™ or RPO™ from The Agile Education Program by Scrum Inc.

A drive to enhance your own personal professional coaching style

Stay Active. Remain Competitive.

Attend a Registered Agile Coach™ course and stay committed to business agility for years with our credential renewal process.

RAC Renewal Requirements.

The Registered Agile Coach™ credential has a 1-year renewal cycle. This means that graduates of the RAC course must demonstrate their knowledge through a renewal exam one (1) year after they are credentialed in order to remain active. The renewal fee for the RAC credential is 500 USD. The renewal process is handled through ScrumLab.

Active credential holders receive access to new agile resources, digital tools for Scrum teams, and an online community of like-minded agilists.

Our Promise.

Active credential holders are eligible to be featured in The International Registry of Agile Professionals™. Our promise to hiring managers, recruiters, and agile leaders using the registry to find Registered Agile Coaches is that active students are:

  • Up-to-date with the latest RAC learning objectives
  • Reliable candidates
  • Dedicated to continuous improvement and iteration