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Authorized Agile Education Providers (AAEP) are Paving a Way to Trusted Training

The Authorized Agile Education Provider (AAEP) Program was created by the Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.™ The AAEP program connects vetted, high-quality professional training organizations with individuals interested in achieving better business results and earning our recognized Agile Education by Scrum Inc credentials. Our Authorized Agile Education Providers are true partners of the Agile Education Program. AAEPs are experienced training organizations, dedicated to student success, and committed to enabling learners by delivering high-quality training experiences.

Ideal AAEP Candidates

Ideal candidates of the AAEP Program are medium-to-large professional training organizations with a passion for helping professionals achieve better results through high-quality Scrum training. These training providers offer a variety of services, training, and expertise. They are associated with other professional credentialing bodies, with the goal of providing diversified professional development and continued education experiences.

Benefiting Students and Trainers

By choosing to enroll in a course offered by an Authorized Agile Education Provider, students can expect a high-quality learning experience that activates, equips, and enables. AAEPs have a demonstrated history of helping professionals advance their careers and get ahead in the job market.

Are you a professional training organization looking to expand your course offerings?

Align with the only Scrum credentials created and endorsed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum.

Benefits of Becoming an AAEP

endorsement and recognition from aep.

As an Authorized Agile Education Provider, you will receive an endorsement and be recognized as an AEP-approved training provider. 

Promotion and marketing assistance.

AEP will promote Authorized Agile Education Providers through our website and marketing efforts. Key audiences in need of partner services will be directed to our partner directory.

Opportunities to Collaborate on Future material.

As an AAEP, you will receive exclusive opportunities to expand the reach of the Agile Education Program and Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s teachings. As we look to expand our course catalog and offerings, we will look to authorized partners for insight, testing, and more.

Access to Exclusive AEP Scrum Tools

Customers and students of Authorized Agile Education Providers will receive exclusive access to a suite of AEP-branded Scrum tools and resources to help their teams be more effective.

Continued learning to keep you current

Authorized Agile Education Providers get continued educational content related to updated learning objectives and new insights from the field. AAEPs will also be invited to a members-only annual webinar with Dr. Jeff Sutherland.

Apply to Become an AAEP Today

To be considered for the Authorized Agile Education Provider Program, an organization must meet the acceptance criteria outlined in our Program Requirements document. Criteria includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fair and equal treatment of Registered Scrum Trainers and Registered Scrum@Scale Trainers
  • Holding Agile Education Program courses each calendar year
  • Demonstrating the Scrum Values
  • Collecting student feedback 
  • Enabling a visible star rating for students of your Agile Education by Scrum Inc. courses

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