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Learn the fundamental principles of the Scrum@Scale framework in 4 hours with this live, interactive course. Start guiding your company through innovation & change with the only scaling framework designed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum.


Make a smart investment. This course provides everything you need to quickly and affordably familiarize yourself with the core benefits of the Scrum@Scale framework.


You need the basics. We know that. This course is practical, concise, and to the point. Learn how you can lay the foundation for sustainable business agility in just 4 hours.


Your teams deserve your full attention. This course will not take away from your busy life. Courses are easy to find, available worldwide and can be taken online or in-person.

From the Co-Creator of Scrum

Get the fundamental principles of Scrum@Scale, the scaling framework created by Dr. Jeff Sutherland

Meet Scrum@Scale: A Scaling Solution That Works

Stop Scaling What Doesn’t Work. Avoid Confusion, Frustration, and Waste.

For nearly a decade, organizations have pursued enterprise solutions for scaling Agility. Universal, one-size-fits-all frameworks have emerged and dominated the market for years. Infographics, charts, and roadmaps have been distributed with the promise of “true” Business Agility. The result? Confusion, frustration, and waste.

Scrum@Scale was created by Dr. Jeff Sutherland to combat this waste. Organizations can achieve true business agility, but not with one-size-fits-all frameworks. For organizations struggling to prioritize, deliver working products, and align teams, Scrum@Scale is the solution. It is a flexible, autonomous, component-driven approach to scaling Agility that delivers radically better business outcomes.

Get the Fundamentals, Quickly

Becoming familiar with and adopting components of Scrum@Scale takes time. Take an iterative approach with our Registered Scrum@Scale Fundamentals™ Course. During this short, interactive course, you will:

Get a comprehensive overview of the Scrum@Scale framework from a skilled, vetted Scaling expert

 Understand the main mega-issues that plague  underperforming organizations everywhere

Improve your understanding of Lean principles and develop your Agile mindset

 Start to lay the foundation for achieving dramatically better business results in your organization

 Get hands-on, real-time practice with exercises designed to reinforce critical concepts

Download your Certificate of Completion and share your achievement with your network

Prepare for an Interactive Experience with Agile Education

Agile Education course curriculum provides a dynamic, multi-faceted learning experience 

The Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc. combines key insights and learnings from real Agile transformations to ensure the student experience is up-to-date, valuable, and results-driven.

By the end of the Scrum@Scale Fundamentals course, you will be:

  • Confident that you know the core, fundamental aspects of the Scrum@Scale framework
  • Motivated to share key insights with your teams and leadership
  • Focused on the mega-issues in your organization standing in the way of Agility
  • Informed that you’ve found a solution to scaling Scrum 

We’ll Meet You Where You’re At

The Scrum@Scale Fundamentals Course was built for two core audiences: the Executive and the scaling-curious. No matter where you sit within an organization, this introductory course will meet you where you’re at.

The Executive: Gain a Bird’s Eye View of Scaling Scrum

As an Agile Leader or C-Suite Executive, your time is money. Get the basics, quickly and affordably. Learn what is needed before you scale Scrum across your organization.

The Scrum@Scale Curious: Test Before You Commit

As a Team Lead, Agile Coach, or veteran Scrum practitioner, you need the basics of the proven scaling framework. Unlock your scaling potential with the key components of Scrum@Scale.

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