Agile Education Credential Lookup

The Agile Education Credential lookup is designed to enable you to find and verify Scrum Masters by Scrum Inc.™, Product Owners by Scrum Inc.™, Agile Coaches by Scrum Inc.™, and Scrum Trainers by Scrum Inc.™

All Agile Education credential holders have completed the Scrum Inc. Agile Education Program curriculum and demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to earn the credential. You can search for a Scrum Inc. Agile Education™ credential holder or check the status of your own Agile Education credentials using the search functions below.  Filter your search by name, country, and/or credential type.  Please note that if a credential holder elected to opt-out of the lookup, they may not appear in the search results. Also, if you are an Agile Education credential holder and do not see your credential listed in the search results, please log in to and edit your opt-in settings.

Most Agile Education credentials are valid for one year from the date of issuance. If your Agile Education credential is close to expiry, renew it today by logging into Once logged in, click ‘my achievements’ to renew your credential.