About The Scaling Patterns Library

The Scaling Patterns Library is a curated library of Agile patterns – proven, reusable solutions to common problems. Unlike other pattern libraries, this library focuses on the challenges associated with scaling Agile principles and practices across multiple teams to increase the rate of value delivery to customers and stakeholders.

The Scaling Patterns Library is designed for use by Agile practitioners, coaches and leaders, serving as an essential resource for navigating the challenges of scaling agility.

The content in this Scaling Patterns Library is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Submit a Scaling Pattern

We actively encourage the Agile community to contribute to the growth and richness of the Scaling Patterns Library. If you have discovered, developed, or refined a scaling pattern that has proven effective in your organization, we invite you to share your insights with us. Submissions are open to all who wish to expand the collective knowledge base of Agile scaling practices. To submit your scaling pattern for consideration, please visit our submission portal located on our website. Each contribution will undergo a thorough review by our panel of experts to ensure its empirical validity and applicability across various organizational contexts. Together, we can continue to evolve and enhance the effectiveness of Agile methodologies at scale, building a more adaptable and resilient Agile community.

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