Scrum Trainer Spotlight: Ethan Soo

Scrum Trainer by Scrum Inc, Ethan SooThis month, the Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.™ is thrilled to spotlight Ethan Soo. Ethan is a standout member of the Scrum Trainer community and has been critical to the program’s growth since joining as a Scrum Trainer, Scrum@Scale Trainer, Fellow, and most recently, Regional Partner.

With over 15 years of Scrum experience, Ethan has made a name for himself as a dedicated, passionate Scrum coach and facilitator. He has led nearly 30 Agile transformations since 2009, with experience in North American and Asian markets. Currently, Ethan is the managing consultant, principal coach, and lead Agile rollout designer for Bank of China Beijing and Shanghai software development center. Ethan is also the founder of Continuous Improvement with Agile (CI Agile), a startup company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Upon joining the Agile Education Program (AEP) as a Scrum@Scale Trainer in 2019, Ethan spotted an opportunity for growth in his own local community. He recognized that many Scrum practitioners in Asia were unable to access Scrum and Agile knowledge content due to language, translation, and cultural barriers. To him, there was a disconnect between Agile credentialing bodies and the Asian markets. He knew there had to be a way to remove this impediment, so he joined forces with AEP to serve the region. Within a year, Ethan became a Scrum Trainer by Scrum Inc. and a Regional Partner for APAC.

As a Regional Partner, Ethan and his team are committed to bringing true Scrum to the Asian market. When asked about his goals with the partnership, his humanitarian side shines through. Ethan believes in education and in helping teams and organizations continuously improve, achieve results, and implement true Scrum; he plans to do both by distributing free translated content and building a local community to inspire camaraderie, shared learnings, and more.

To kick off this partnership, Ethan hosted a panel event immediately following the Scrum Guide 2020 Release. Ethan and his team hosted several Scrum Trainers from the Agile Education Program and encouraged a collaborative discussion on how the 2020 Scrum Guide will influence Scrum teams in APAC. The Regional Event welcomed 650 attendees, with over 500 participants dialing in from China. The Panel Discussion Recording is available on YouTube now.

The Agile Education Program is thrilled to be highlighting Ethan Soo for his standout dedication to the Scrum community, and welcome him as a Regional Partner. We thank Ethan for working tirelessly to grow the Scrum community in Asia-Pacific and serve his local community.

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