“Scrum@Scale: Build Your Organization Like You Build Your Products” with Avi Schneier

About the Webinar:

Today, products need to have a scalable component model so any piece of a system can be upgraded daily without breaking other pieces of the system. For an organization to successfully build such products and scale, their organizational model must parallel their technical implementation or they will not be able to make rapid improvements to their products and compete in their markets.

Join Registered Scrum Fellow and Scrum Inc. Principal Consultant Avi Schneier for his presentation, “Scrum@Scale: Build Your Organization Like You Build Your Products”.

This free, live webinar presentation will be hosted on May 17th 2022 at 12:00PM ET (Eastern Time).

About the Presenters:

Avi Schneier

A contributing editor of the Scrum@Scale Guide, Avi’s current emphasis is “Scrum Beyond IT”. Working within various industries from biotech to consumer-packaged goods, Avi sees Scrum as THE key to delivering better results through innovation where rapid change is now the norm.


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