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Felipe Engineer

Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, an international keynote speaker and author of "Construction Scrum," excels in guiding individuals, teams, and organizations to efficiently deliver value within the construction industry. Overcoming personal challenges of overworking and burnout, Felipe developed a keen interest in agile and Lean Construction strategies for easier, better, and faster value delivery. With experience in projects ranging from thousands to billions of dollars, Felipe has implemented agile strategies worldwide, accumulating extensive knowledge and expertise. As a Registered Scrum Trainer™, Master™, Product Owner™, and Scrum@Scale Practitioner™, he is exceptionally equipped to assist organizations in adopting agile practices. Felipe's dedication to the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) earned him the 2019 Chairman's Award. He actively volunteers for their conferences, instructs all LCI courses, and pioneered the first LCI Scrum course for design and construction professionals.

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